Using MAP Capture Page to Grab the Leads

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MAP has proved time and time again that their promotional tools work and are sufficient for a traditional marketer, or even just a total beginner. Although MAP is a revenue-sharing company but one cannot overlook the potential of referral system as the potential is clearly unleashed in this
My Advertising Pays Review. Users are equipped with state-of-the-art tools to capture leads the easy way.

All the required data is automatically produced and organized for the users in their control panels in a very digestible form that can be used for decision-making. The company has provided robust marketing tools that drastically rises the percentage of commissions.

Apart from other promotional tools, the Capture Page or Squeeze Page is one of the most prominent way to grab potential prospects. The squeeze page comes in two fancy formats, giving the user a little extra edge. This tool assists you in automating your MAP business and basically setting it on autopilot — and when it’s on autopilot, it’s unstoppable! Okay so, let’s learn its working and the features it offers.

Capture Page

A capture page or a landing page is a simple webpage that is used for converting site visitors into customers or sales. A traditional capture page has a contact form left blank to be filled by the visitor and in return, the marketer offers value in different ways such as premium eBooks, strategies or important videos. In our case, we’re going to use MAP Capture Page to grab referrals.


The first and the biggest advantage of using MAP Capture Page is absolute automation. What you’ve to do is to pick one capture page from your control panel and promote in any mode or approach you want to – and that’s all! You don’t have to worry about closing the sale because MAP’s system sends a series of professionally written email to your prospect with your referral link and email address. It’s as simple as walking on the water…oops, wrong reference.


MAP Capture Page isn’t only mechanical but also captures the lead in an executive manner. The squeeze pages are coded to meet the basic standards. It gives a quick overview about the MAP business followed by the professional presentation of a man explaining the system and its potential. The landing page also provides a simple contact form to get the basic details of potential prospect. The first capture page is beautifully designed with a flash presentation and a small purple form on the right. Although the second capture page is similar to the first one but it has few differences like the headline, content etc.


Although MAP email series is suffice to close the sale but it’ll be a big bonus point if you personally follow your lead and provide them support — consider this a type of investment you’re making. It has been made easy for you, because every time a lead enters their details into the contact form, you’ll also get their details in your control panel. Once you’ve a good collection of emails, use a good Autoresponder to send emails to your leads without hassle.


MAP has continued to provide easy marketing tools for its members that are driving traffic to the company and commissions to the users so it’s a never-ending success loop. With the intelligent development of tools, the company has garnered about 200,000 loyal members in less than 2 years. One of the easiest ways to automate your MAP business is the wise use of capture pages. Start using squeeze pages today and unleash the power of online marketing!

is iPro Academy by Fred Lam a Scam?

Get to know Fred

Fred Lam

Since 2007, Fred Lam has worked in web marketing industry. Many of the greatest businesses in the market has worked with Fred. He is a good motivational presenter as well as a excellent web marketer.

In web marketing industry, Fred is considered among the most experienced internet marketer.
He also endorse an internet marketing business known as iPro interactive.

A lot of companies in the internet marketing field has worked with Fred’s company. Bad and the good periods have been experienced by Fred in his web marketing travel.

Before he started Web Marketing, Fred Lam was a dish washer. Fred ultimately turned into an experienced online marketer after working as a dish-washer and cook for several years.

One of previous marketing jobs that Fred Lam has been associated with is named LeadsTunnel. This is an online marketing computer software built to help online marketers with their tasks.

Fred is a Google Adwords Licensed Marketing expert and also top affiliate of Clickbank. He goes on to sustain his internet marketing company and coach buyers about online business.

The most recent system from Fred Lam is named iPro Academy.

iPro Academy 2.0 In-depth Review


In the last Four years, the internet marketing field has drastically modified. Same strategies might not work nowadays that used to work excellent previously.

These methods will more likely do more harm than good. But iPro Academy works well in today’s advertising and is entirely up-to-date for 2016. All that you should know about digital marketing is covered in the program.

Numerous valuable modules are provided inside the member’s area of iPro Academy. Paid traffic section will show you how to use Google Adwords, Fb adverts and Bing to generate traffic to your website.

There are lots of approaches coached to decrease the cost of utilizing Google Adwords account which lets you generate targeted prospects for cheap and have a return on your investment.

There is also a module called Million Dollar Training. Fred shows all you need to know about producing millions on the web inside of this section. Live training classes are also provided.

These are live training sessions with Fred himself in which he coaches you in person and help with any queries that you may have. There are a few private mentors too inside iPro Academy.

You can ask questions to these trainers and they will assist you with the course and give advice to improve your chances of good results.

The best thing is that there exists a secret group inside the members area. Other Internet marketing experts are able to help you know more within the group.

Chances are a person can relate to what you are going through, and provide an alternative.

This is simply not the next community that will not provide any kind of benefit. Only the users of iPro Academy have access to this exclusive community.

Within the group, you can make lots of friends and obtain support from many other users along the way.

10 Amazing Conversion Rate Optimization Practices

Getting visitors to your website is undoubtedly the first step of every business but getting the right visitors is the chief purpose of a conventional brand or product. You know your business is successful when you’re getting conversions, leads and sales. But what if you’re out of luck? Well, you can make some slight changes that can make or break your game.

Although it may vary business to business but there are some general practices that work for most of the marketers and successful brands. Making changes on your website can be very difficult because it may compromise your current conversion rate, so it’s necessary to take wise steps. Perfectionism isn’t the key here — all you need is the attention of your potential client.

And we certainly can bring it by applying these crunchy practices:

1. Reduce Form Fields
form fields

ImageScape released a case study in which they increased 160% of their conversions by just reducing unnecessary form fields.

2. Improve Your Call-to-Action Button

A well-informed and tempting text on a CTA button can improve results. Users are always curious about the next step so instead of plain text like “Sign Up” or “Submit”, use an action in combination with the next step the users should be expecting.

get started now

3. Use Eye-Catching Color for Your CTA Button

call to action button template

Using a color that suits the background of your website should be the ultimate choice as it can easily capture the user’s eye. It has improved results for many websites, some used green for their CTA button whereas some preferred red, but it all depends upon the background of your website – it’s all about the better contrast.

4. Add a Video

Visualizing your brand, product or service is a great tactic to boost conversions and it has definitely worked for successful businesses. Video is the most powerful tool that you can use in explaining or introducing your business to the audience, but a lengthy video can negatively impact the sales so keep it short and up to the point.

youtube video logo







5. Place Testimonials

Adding real testimonials can really do the selling for you, but most of the startups and even big companies use fake testimonials to create a positive image, that is totally unacceptable on so many levels. An authentic testimonial usually has full names in it with a picture.








6. Add Security Certificates

security certificate







If you’re selling something on your website then you can add a security certificate or a seal, like the Norton one. These certificates are quite expensive but it adds confidence in consumers and helps in boosting up the sales as they’re relieved about the privacy of their financial information.

7. Live Chat Feature









Customers are always filled up with questions and queries about your product or brand so adding a live chat feature onto your website can really do the selling for you. The more they know about your business, the higher the conversion rate is so invest a good time in picking good support agents.

8. Use a Clear & Catchy Headline

Headline is one of the most important and noticeable thing on a landing page so make sure it’s catchy and gives a sneak peek of the whole article. It is a major factor in conversion rate so spend a good time in choosing your headline.

9. Use Relevant Images

It’s a good practice to use relevant images to give a better presentation of your craftwork. Picking relevant images and correctly placing them can drastically increase your conversion rates because aligning is a key factor when it comes to image placement.

 10. Add Trust Badges

Trust badges often comes in handy if you’ve some good reviews on famous sites like Yelp and Trust Pilot and it can greatly lift up your sales, because we’re looking at customer trust, and these badges exactly do that job.

100% secured

MAP Membership Levels Explained

my advertising pays membership levels

Just like any other good platform, MyAdvertisingPays also requires a membership before you can access their services and top-notch products. Keeping customer satisfaction in mind, the company offers a free trial for the first 30 days for potential members to thoroughly test the features and system before actually purchasing membership.

Members get full features for the first 30 days but afterwards the membership is divided into three levels, each with its own perks and extra edges over the other. I’m going to discuss about those 3 levels and which one should you pick as a beginner.

Basic Membership

The first membership in line is the Basic Membership. As the name suggests, it is the first level that has the least features. If you purchase the Basic membership then you can buy a total of 150 Credit Packs. It means that your limit is capped at 150 — if you want 151 packs, you gotta upgrade. Plus, you get 6% commission off every credit pack your referral purchases with this membership.

As a Basic membership holder, you do not have access to the Downline Builder that is an integral tool for advertising. However, you’ll receive monthly products (fancy way to say gifts) that is a 125 × 125 banner for 1 day. This membership will cost you $25 annually. You can access the Success Library & Promotion Tools with this membership.

Professional Membership

Then comes the glorious Professional Membership with some additional features plus the Basic ones. The total capacity of Credit Packs is increased to 500 (woot!) and the referral commission is now 8% that is a good difference.

As a Professional membership holder, you can use the Downline Builder tool for advertising purposes. 125 × 125 banner limit is increased to 6 days. However, this membership will cost you $50 semi-annually (6 months).

Primetime Membership

This is the third and the last membership of MyAdvertisingPays known as Primetime with the most perks including Basic & Professional ones. Majority of the Mappers prefer this level due to its 10% amazing referral commission. Primetime has a capacity of accommodating 1,200 credit packs that is the maximum this system supports.

Additionally, the Monthly Products is stocked with 789 × 90 rotating banner for 2 days and the good old 125 × 125 banner for 6 consecutive days. Primetime membership will cost you a whopping $100 semi-annually but it’s totally worth it.

Some questions

You should ask a set of questions to yourself before purchasing a membership level. Some are:

  1. How many credit packs do I plan to reach in 1 year?
  2. How much percentage of referral commission is OK for me?
  3. Will I be needing promotional tools?
  4. Do I really need monthly products for advertising?

These questions should be enough to select a membership level without any hassle. Well, that’s pretty much everything about the memberships in MAP. Have a glance on this video for more details.